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Jaime L. Pantaléon est un guitariste barcelonais fou, produisant des sons impressionnants avec sa guitare et une très grande maîtrise des effets.
Aux flûtes - étendues d'une bonne dose d'électronique - Etienne Lecomte avance peu à peu dans les textures proposées, créant par touches successives un chemin mélodique. Le résultat d'un tel duo instrumental est surprenant, inattendu. La musique devient cinématographique. Les grands espaces calmes d'Europe du nord se déploient à nos oreilles en même temps que la frénésie des grandes villes.


This is not the first time Étienne Lecomte and Jaime L. Pantaleón, the members of this duo, work together. Pantaleón participated in the recording of the album Crossroads Project (2008) by Vrak’Trio, the free-jazz band in which Lecomte played. Tolv brings together two musicians from different backgrounds —Lecomte comes from avant-garde jazz, classical and contemporary music; Pantaleón, from experimental rock—, but who share their desire for sound exploration without restrictions. This is a sublime encounter between the dreamlike landscapes of Pantaleón’s guitar and those that comes from Lecomte’s flute. Tolv’s music evokes both the inhospitable landscapes of northern Europe and the frantic pace of the most turbulent cities.

Jaime L. Pantaléon is a crazy guitar player from Barcelone. He produces amazing sounds with great effects control. With flutes – extended to a great deal of electronic – Etienne Lecomte progresses step by step in the sound texture, creating a long melodic way. The result of such an instrumental combination is surprising and unexpected. The music feel like a movie. You will hear at the same time North Europe quiet Landscapes as well as hysterical city life.



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Tolv featuring

Hilde Marie Holsen, trumpet & electronics (no)

Øyvind Hegg-Lunde, drums (no)




Bird is the Worm (USA) - 2018

There’s a seductive quality to this collaboration by the TOLV duo of guitarist Jaime L. Pantaléon and flautist Etienne Lecomte.  That allure is particularly effective in the way it provides balance and contrast with the album’s electronic frisson.  The music is ambient as hell, but something about how the duo warps the ethereal melodies of Électrons Libres results in sound with a bite to it.  Music from Barcelona and Paris. (Dave Sumner)


Landskap (4tet)


Electrons Libres (duo)


Album "Électrons Libres"

Electrons Libres by Tolv